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We love this feature in Texas Highways Magazine: The Official Travel Magazine of Texas on the history of our family and the puffy taco! Our beloved family legacy continues on at both Henry’s Puffy Tacos and Ray’s Drive Inn. #HenrysPuffyTacos

“’Uncle Ray started it all, and then Henry took it to a new level with his restaurant,’ John Louis says. ‘My uncle does a great job at maintaining the integrity of puffy.’

‘We’ve always been very proud knowing that the history goes back to Ray’s,’ Jaime says, ‘and it’s very interesting how it’s all evolved to what it is today.’

‘I look at it as an honor,’ says John Louis, who continues to renew Arturo’s patent on puffy tacos but has never pursued imitators. Over the years, the Lopez brothers have engaged in good-natured competition over whose puffy tacos are the best in the city, and there’s still an amiable debate over who really named the puffy taco. But, in the end, blood is thicker than—well, salsa.

‘They get praise, and we get praise, but it doesn’t make a difference because it’s more about where the puffy taco came from,’ Jaime says. ‘It came from our parents working hard and passing it onto us, and we’re going to continue it.’”

Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/2tCbiSq